About Us

About Us


Our Vision

Our company was made to teach our students real-life business skills and communication with other clients.

We always strive to create more refreshing websites for those clients at an affordable price and to provide our students with all the lessons necessary to get them started on their careers.

Our Approach

We teach our students other important business jobs like customer service and website tutorials.

Our Story

Our company was launched in 2016, when we were approached by the well-known nonprofit Real World Scholars. Since then, we have grown from the original 25 designers to nearly 50 students who are eager to build professional, custom websites.

Each year, we've consistently achieved more than $1,000 in revenue with our low-cost website plans, most of which is used to improve our business for not just your needs, but also for our employees.

In addition, we aim to offer the best customer service possible using our student designers while they learn all about the virtues of hard work and collaboration.

Meet the Team

Those are the people that help to shape the company as we know it today.


Mr. Grable

Founder & CEO

Mr. Grable is a freelance web and graphic designer who has been working in the industry since 1998.

Combining that with his passion for education led him to help his students create 25 Design.

His goal is to make sure two things happen: the students have FUN and that they produce a superior product for satisfied customers.


The Student Founders

25 Design was created by students, is run by students and has a future shaped by students.  The young adults in this agency represent the best and brightest of El Camino High School, a group of entrepreneurs that have one singular vision: to provide a valuable service to their community at a price everyone can afford.

Please take a moment to look at our portfolio and then contact us to see what we can do to help you!